Welcome to Bloomsburg Web Services!

I am Ioulia (aka Julia) Lee.  I am the proud owner of the website and the consulting agency located in Bloomsburg.  The only town in Pennsylvania has been my home for 20 years.

 My consulting agency serves the areas adjacent to Bloomsburg as well. 

Most business owners do not have time to keep up with ever changing web and have no idea why their website bring no new customers or does not generate any sales.  

Do they even know where their customers come from?  It is important for a business to get new customers.  However, it is as important to know how new customers find businesses:  word of mouth, website, Google, online listings, etc.

This is where we come in to help local business owners to sort these problems out.  I get very excited talking to folks about their websites and finding ways to improve them and see their businesses grow.

The reality is having a beautiful website is not enough to succeed on the internet.  The purpose of the website is to bring more business, establish relationship with your customers, and make them happy. 

A clever crafted and well optimized website projects professionalism and trust. It makes the website visitors take action.  That’s exactly what we want for your business.

I personally can answer any burning questions you may have about your website or how things work on the internet.

And if you don’t have a website, it’s no problem at all.  We will help you in figuring out what you need for a steady stream of customers to your business.

Oh, did you know we have a perfect service that suits any business owner?  And the best part is it’s free of charge.  This service answers many questions any business owner would have about:  where customers come from, reviews, accuracy of online listings, missing listings and much more.

This service is our gift to you and it’s called Comprehensive Online Presence Report (aka snapshot).   Would you like one sent to your inbox?  Then click on the button below.  It will take you to the form.  Fill it out providing your best email address.  The information required for this report is your business name, address, phone number, email address, and any social media profiles you have set up for your business.  We may contact you for more information to generate the most accurate report.

We also recommend scheduling a consultation with us so that we can answer any questions you may have about the report.  Of course, we will follow up with you in case you got caught up in your busy schedule.  We will make sure all your questions are answered and you have a clear picture of your business.


Bloomsburg Web Services Owner